Cautiously long; AAPL stalled


With the   30 day average of the QQQ remaining flat, I am only a little long in my trading accounts.   Friday could be a volatile day, with the release of the jobs report and I am not taking many chances.   I am also concerned that the market leader, AAPL, has stalled after releasing terrific earnings. Click on daily chart of AAPL to enlarge.

3 thoughts on “Cautiously long; AAPL stalled”

  1. Acting on earnings:

    “At The Arora Report, we have extensively tested various strategies to make money from earnings events. The results of extensive back testing are consistent with what has been described above for these two pizza companies (Papa Johns and Dominos).

    The most successful strategy is using smart money flow or equivalent analysis of volume data. The second most successful strategy is to take positions contrary to the prevailing sentiment provided the sentiment is near extreme levels for that particular stock.

    The worst strategies are momentum-based technical analysis strategies. The second worse performing group of strategies is the one that linearly extrapolate past EPS into the future.

    By simply judiciously picking the right strategies going into earnings, investors can make a big difference in their performance.

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