GMI falls to 1; new QQQ short term down-trend


The market has weakened considerably.   Another down day will likely cause the GMI to signal Sell. I am in cash and a little short in my trading accounts.   My university pension remains 100% invested in mutual funds, but I am watching very carefully for any signs of a major down-trend.

4 thoughts on “GMI falls to 1; new QQQ short term down-trend”

  1. dr wish – could you ask a favor of you and your son? a bonus feature for all your readers – i read your blog regularly and enjoy how its simple and i can go go back a few posts to see the trends change. but the further back i scroll the harder it is for me to remember what day of the week. could we get a day of week abbreviation (mon, tue) next to the date? =D thx!

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