So, Wishing Wealth Reader, Tell Us About Yourself…

So we just surpassed our first month on the new site and I can’t thank you all enough for your warm comments.   We are developing the site at a rapid rate as you may or may not have noticed and we do not have any plans of stopping.   Keep the comments rolling in because I need to hear how we’re doing in order to continue to create a sharp, intuitive web presence for the people who matter the most…

So far we’ve had an increase in readers but what we want to know is what else are you reading?   What other blogs are you finding advice, analysis or predictions about the stock market?   Consider this post an open forum for you to talk about what types of useful resources and tools that other readers and Dr. Wish may benefit from.

And yes this is an open invitation for guerilla marketing by any current blog owners who want to get their name out in the open.   We will be reviewing these links/resources/tools and adding them where we see fit to the blog, so don’t be shy!   Bloggers: we are very open to link exchange so please dont hesitate to contact us or leave your link commented here.

One change to note that may irritate some people who get used to things quickly:   We have moved the “Rate this Post” buttons to right above where you write your comment.   I figured this was a little better placement for it to encourage more of you to take advantage of it.

We have some big exciting plans for this site and I will keep you updated as necessary.   Thanks and happy trading!

18 thoughts on “So, Wishing Wealth Reader, Tell Us About Yourself…”

  1. I very much enjoy reading your blog, Dr. Wish.

    My wife also reads your blog, and often comments that you and I have very similar philosophies.

    But surprisingly, she told me that she liked your other blog template better. That was her first reaction. I think it has something to do with the size of the font now. The font in the new site is much smaller.

    I like this current layout better– very modern. But I do agree with her, the text is smaller now. Maybe it is just my age showing. I need a new pair of eyes. 🙂

    Another blog you may want to consider reading is:

  2. I really enjoy your blog. I find it insightful, honest and very useful You asked what other sources we used – I also like to read the Trading Diary of Colin Twiggs from Incredible Charts. (I have no connection with this organisation). I find he has similar views to your own. Also Darryl Guppy also has similar views. I think the three of you are brilliant.

  3. I sometimes look at He is a price and volume guy, smart too but sometimes it is tuff to wade through his political ramblings and given he is fairly young the bravado of youth reigns supreme. Frequently the same overblown ego of Jim Cramer but not the years of experience.

  4. The previous web site was easier to read. This one seems kind of cluttered and the font is smaller. The information is superb and I love the way Dr Wish thinks.

  5. read your site every day
    favorites are you & Alpha Trends & Trader Feed & Trader Mike & Mish Shedlock bcz of variety of news found there
    thanx fer grt site
    hate ads – E-Mail me if u like as to what it would cost a viewer to see ur site at BK-EVN fer u / & say at 10% profit fer u
    VY CURIOUS how much site cost u – BOTTOM LINE – ANNUALLY
    thinking of possibly putting up a financial / political site

  6. Thank you for all of your great feedback. Note the comment above about how to increase font size in your browser. Ads are here because they are a way to provide some income to pay my webmaster and son Mike. I hope you find them useful. I did not want to start a pay-to-use website right now but am interested in your thoughts on this.

  7. RE: the comment complaining about ads

    I don’t mind the ads at all. You could change the white background to a mosaic of flashing ads and I would still read the blog.

    I actually hoped you would put ads up sooner so you could benefit in more ways from all the work you put into the site. Many people get a lot of value out of this site and I’d want you to have every reason to keep it going.

    The new graphics for the GMI and the T2108 are great. Also, I think I like the colorful skyline banner of the old site better than the black and white skyline banner of the new site.

    I would be interested in finding other sites/blogs as well to read that are similar to this one.

  8. I like your site and look to it for clues as to when its better to be long or short. I don’t pay much attention to the IBD 100 or momentum investing in general. I am more of a trader nowadays, of high quality stocks whenever they get oversold. I listen to what Bill Cara has to say and participate within his community chat. Both Bill and Dr.Wish agree that “Buy & Hold” is dead.

  9. i like the new site–much improved over the former version. the layout is clearer and it is visually more appealing. also, the graphical market indicators are attractive.

  10. Keep up the good work, your system built on patience is a mature piece of work. After many years of daytrading for nickels and dimes, I woke up one day and just went after the percentage moves, your site is right in line with what I do. I Check on it frequently just to see if we are on the same page. Which till now has happened. Definitely kept us out of trouble these last few months, just about everyone I know has been almost wiped out.

    In regards to the fonts, everyone can just Ctrl + them. Thanks again for your insight and for helping everyone build their nest egg, and protect it also 🙂

  11. These are a few blogs and sites I use daily –
    Thew news and views of them sure beat the bias propaganda of the Big newspapers and network television .

    Financial Sense.COM

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