My name is Eric Wish. Over the past 40 years I have learned how to successfully trade stocks. I have managed to avoid every bear market since 94. I multiplied my IRA 13x and got out of the market in 2000. My portfolio gained 50% in 2003. I came in 5th in the Barron’s Stock Challenge, professors division, in 2004. I teach a class on technical analysis for college students.

I use technical analysis and think for myself. I have a set of rules to get me in/out of the market and stocks. I use TC2007 and IBD to track stocks. I write notes to TC2007 and Don Worden as Sir Silent Knight.

I am writing this blog as an educational resource for friends and others. I am not a professional investment advisor and one should not follow my lead without first consulting a financial advisor. I reserve the right to change any opinions published here at anytime, without posting such information on this blog.