Blog Post: 1,011 new yearly lows for US stocks on Thursday; I am so sorry for those well meaning but uninformed people who did not exit this market more than 9 months ago when the technicals signaled trouble. This quote from Jesse Livermore says it all.


“Finally there came the awful day of reckoning for the bulls and the optimists and the wishful thinkers and those vast hordes that, dreading the pain of a small loss at the beginning, were now about to suffer total amputation-without anesthetics.”

This quote appears in this slide which I will show my students tomorrow. It is indeed unfortunate that many older persons, and especially retirees, are having their financial lives threatened by the current declining market. This is why I publish this blog and teach young people what I wish someone had taught me at their ages.

Blog Post: Day 16 of $QQQ down-trend; 29 US yearly highs and 563 lows, 6 at ATH; IBD calls market in correction; It is still the time to be on the sidelines. When the GMI turns Green it will be worthwhile going long again. Check out the weekly 10:30 chart of $SPY


This weekly 10:30 chart of SPY shows the trend of the market. Until the 10 week average rises above the 30 week average, the down-trend persists. Look at the pattern in 2021. Note the close (gray line) below both averages leading them down.