Blog Post: Day 14 of $QQQ short term up-trend; 199 US new highs and 84 lows and 53 at ATH; Accumulating longs, Stage 4 down-trends in indexes likely ending


I am finding so many stocks to buy! We must focus on the current movement of the market and ignore the noise from the news and media pundits. I am slowly starting to reinvest my university pension accounts into mutual funds. I had transferred to money market funds in November, 2021. It is important to focus on the present and not back on the past. With the GMI=6 and the QQQ short term trend up, I am much more confident to wade back into this market. SPY is likely to close its 4th week above its 30 week average, and DIA is completing its 6th!   QQQ is lagging and working on its first week. Bottom line is Stage 4 declines in these indexes may be ending! See weekly charts. If the indexes retreat to below their 30 week averages (red solid line) I will exit.


Blog Post: GMI turns 6 (of 6) for first time since August 18 as $QQQ closes back above 30 week average! See list of 22 IBD/MS stocks at ATH, 10 of which had a GLB, see daily chart of $TRV


These are stocks on my watchlist of stocks recently on an IBD or MarketSmith list that reached an ATH on Wednesday. Of these, the following had a GLB or retook their green line on Wednesday: FN, ACHC, TRV, ABC, HALO, PFGC, CTAS, TITN, CB, JBL

Note the volume on TRV.