Welcome to the new *and improved* Wishing Wealth

grand opening Hello and welcome to the new home of Dr. Wish’s Wishing Wealth Blog. I’m your host: Mr. Wish.

My dad has been slaving over this blog for a few years now and I have always felt incredibly inspired by his commitment and devotion to his field. And you’re probabaly thinking, jeez aren’t you lucky to have a dad who’s so savvy about the stock market, you’re gonna be filthy rich if you just follow his financial advice. Unfortunately for me the only advice I have ever taken from him is to follow your passion. My passion is designing web sites. Enter: the new wishing wealth blog.

I designed this site as a dedication to my dad, because he has provided me with all the support in the world to do what I love. I wanted to make sure I had the chance to return the favor. Keep up the good work, pops.

Now let’s get down to business and let me introduce you to some of the features of the new site:

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