Jon Stewart takes on the pundits at CNBC… Finally!

Mike Wish here.

I try not to watch too much of the liberal media but this is hilarious.   This is what dad complains about at the dinner table shortly after watching Jim Cramer fire off a storm of cheap, canned audio from his soundboard.   These are the pundits that keep Dr. Wish up at night, tossing and turning.   The infamous pundits responsible for everything that’s wrong with financial analysis and prediction media. (not that I have any opinion on the issue…)

I showed this video to him and he laughed and laughed.   I thought I’d be the one to share it with all of you because he doesn’t yet understand how to embed YouTube videos into his posts.   We’re still working with twitter, we’ll get there soon enough though!

See the video on the next page:

3 thoughts on “Jon Stewart takes on the pundits at CNBC… Finally!”

  1. Liberal Media? The tribalism dad/son duage is stifling. Wishing wealth name pretty much sums up your blog, indeed: all wishing, no wealth. You guys sound like a couple of dopes who quit a sandwich shop in Queens and decided to trade up. Ha! Ha! You’re site will flame out with this Republican induced Depression. That sound you just heard was a gigantic fork plunging into the heart of the Reagan revolution. As a well known former pit trader, I can tell you that your site offers very little.

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