Worden T2108 is at 86%–very overbought


The GMI is at 6 and the QQQ short term up-trend completed its 14th day on Friday.   Some short term up-trends have lasted more than 80 days.   However, it is rare to see 86% of NYSE stocks close above their 40 day moving average (T2108), although T2108 has reached 92% before. I remain invested long, nevertheless, until the short term trend   reverses to the down side. Twelve stocks that hit a new high on Friday and passed my scan are:   STMP,BKI,NUS,MANH,FAST,HITK,ORLY,WPZ,ISRG,PSMT,RL,SPRD.   Research them.

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  1. What is your scan? Previously I believe you used TC2000 to scan with a pcf that included stochastic’s of less than 30 in the past 5 days. These don’t seem to fit that scan.

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