27th day of QQQ short term up-trend; T2108 at 88%


T2108 doe not go much higher.   While the long and shorter term trends remain up, I am looking for a post earnings release lull.

The GMI flashed a buy signal on December 23rd, which is still in place. Since December 23rd, the QQQ has advanced +10.7%, the QLD +22.2% and the TQQQ +34.7%.   Meanwhile during the same period, only 12% of the Nasdaq 100 stocks and 11% of the S&P500 stocks have advanced 20% or more.   The 3X bullish semiconductor ETF, SOXL, rose +52.8% during this period.   The 3X leveraged ETF’s outperform almost all stocks and are much easier to select than individual stocks. I learn this lesson during each multi-week   up-trend. Why try to identify the rare stocks that will outperform a 3X ETF?!   Just pyramid up on the ETF.

I have many positions where I sold cash secured put options that should expire worthless in two weeks.   I will then look to open new covered call positions or sell new cash secured puts.

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