GMI still on buy signal from April 22


It was great to see many of you at Saturday’s   AAII workshop.   Friday was 47th day of current $QQQ short term up-trend.   IBD still sees “uptrend under pressure.”

This weekly chart shows that QQQ remains in a strong Stage 2 up-trend, however. Click on chart to enlarge.



1 thought on “GMI still on buy signal from April 22”

  1. The QQQ Daily 12/26/9 MACD Histogram was -0.09 (Thursday) and -0.06 (Friday). If I understand your criteria, then a rising MACD Histogram (factor 7) would be YES over 2 days and the GMI-2 would be 7. How do you interpret factor 7?

    Thanks in advance for your comments.

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