Stocks at new highs and with good fundamentals; $MNST, $NKE

I ran my TC2000 scan for stocks with good earnings that hit a 52 week high on Friday. The list is posted to the right. Newhi11022014There were 15 stocks. Five have a flag to the left, indicating they appear in one of my IBD watch lists. All of these but DTSI and FARM, are trading above a recent green line break-out (GLB) at an all-time high. I own several of these. One stock, MNST, had a huge volume break-out, consolidated, and is now moving up. Check out its weekly chart below.

MNSTwkly11022014Some strong stocks do not meet all of this scan’s criteria.   For example, NKE looks good but has not doubled in the past year. NKE recently had a nice GLB, as shown in this weekly chart……. NKEwkly11022014


Friday was the 6th day of the new QQQ short term up-trend. QQQ short term up-trends can often   last for several months. Given that we are in the strong seasonal period for the market, I would not be surprised if this up-trend lasts into January. Eventually, higher interest rates will kill this market.   So I am watching rates very carefully. The GMI is at 6 (of 6) and all but one of the GMI-2 components are positive.



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