Blog Post: Day 6 of $QQQ short term up-trend; 87 US new highs and 95 lows, but 43 at ATH, the most since September 1; 4 IPOs since 2019 reached an ATH, see list and weekly chart of $DUOL


William O’Neil has said that stocks that have gone public in the recent past and that are reaching new highs may be worth noting. As a recent IPO climbs there are many funds that will need to buy it. The following four stocks had an IPO since 2019 and reached an ATH on Friday. DUOL is 3.3x its 250 day low.

Below is the weekly chart of DUOL, which had unusual volume on the break-out after reporting earnings. DUOL has an IBD composite rating=98 and RS=99.


The GMI remains at 3 (of 6) but only because the first component cannot yet be computed on at least 20 stocks. The GMI is usually a little late at turning Green.

Blog Post: Day 1 of new $QQQ short term up-trend; GMI=4 and could turn Green on Monday; 103 US stocks at new highs and 19 at lows; Focusing on stocks at ATH, see list of 6 with a GLB on Friday


These six stocks on my IBD/MS lists had a green line break-out (GLB) to an ATH on Friday and should be researched. Stocks that have a GLB early in an up-trend may turn out to be true market leaders.

The GMI is now at 4 (of 6) and could turn Green on Monday. QQQ and SPY have closed back above their 10 week averages.

Blog Post: 20 US new highs and 295 lows and 20 at ATH; Time to be on the sidelines; Boomers can earn 5%+ without the risk of owning stocks; I opine about a difficult future


I am VERY concerned about what my indicators are telling me. The GMI=0 now that QQQ has closed below its 30 week average (see chart below), as have 3 of the “Magnificent 7” that have held the indexes up this year: AAPL, GOOGL and TSLA have faltered. I remember the nifty 50 large cap stocks in the the 70s that the market pundits asserted you could buy and hold forever. They crashed beginning with the bear market in 1974. Anyone hear about Polaroid  or Eastman Kodak  anymore? Now we have the Mag 7, which because of their huge market caps, drove the cap weighted indexes, SPY and QQQ, higher while obscuring the fact that many of their component stocks languished. Look at the Dow, down for the year, in comparison. Now the Mag 7 are weakening and so will the market indexes. Over my investing life, since the 1960s, it was my generation of Boomers that drove the economy and the market. Now with many of us nearing retirement and dreading relying on selling our investments to live on (remember RMDs) we will abandon stocks and mutual funds to hold safer investments like short term treasuries, CDs and high yield savings accounts. If that is the case, we might be on the verge of a decade long stall in stocks. Think about it.

My indicators look the way they do before the major decline gets going. So, I am out of almost all equities in my savings and retirement accounts. I typically retreat early. How many Boomers are going to join me over the next decade? It will likely take very low interest rates to entice Boomers to assume market risk again.

The GMI=0, no time for stocks.