Blog Post: Day 26 of $QQQ short term up-trend; $UBER surges to ATH on above average volume after a successful GLB I posted about in mid January


On January 18 I said that UBER had finally closed above its February 2021 peak of 64.05  (its green line) to an ATH. After retesting the green line once it moved higher and took off today. UBER is in my GLB Tracker table and is 23.8% above its green line. Buying a GLB can work out! I tweeted this out intraday. Follow my tweets @wishingwealth

Blog Post: Day 23 of $QQQ short term up-trend; $NXPI retakes green line; $GBTC has blue/green/black dots signaling bitcoin rise, see charts


NXPI  had a failed GLB but closed back above the green line on Friday.  Note all of the black dots and the recent green dot. To remain a successful GLB it must not close below the green line, @228.72.

Note the 3 dots on January 26 for GBTC. To understand the dots you must go to my recent IBD Meetup lecture recording.


The GMI remains Green and registers 6 (of 6). Don’t forget to check out the GLB Tracker table and subscribe to receive my blog posts in your inbox.