Deflated Today GMI: +2

I had a bad day, today.  Not in the market, but on the road.  Driving back from Baltimore on the interstate, I ran over a piece of wood with nails in it that punctured both tires on the passenger side.  I waited over 2 hours for AAA to come and tow me.  So I am tired and deflated, puns intended.  I need to retire my car tomorrow. So, I will just update the GMI tonight.

The GMI rose to +2.  The Daily QQQQ index is on a firm up trendGmi517  now.  The Daily SPY Index is positive again.  There were 77 52-week highs today in my universe of almost 4,000 stocks, and 55 new lows.  Sixty-nine percent of the NASDAQ 100 stocks rose today, 78% of the S+P 500 stocks and 77% of the Dow 30. The only negative I saw was that the short term interest rate index closed above its 50 day average again, after 2 days below.

Keep an eye on NDAQ if it closes above 15.05.  GOOG hit a new high today, as did PRGS.  NSI and IVGN may pop again.  FORD is on the move again.  (I own some of these stocks.)

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