GMI: +3; Back this weekend.

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The GMI rebounded to +3 today.  Gmi627 There were 103 successful 10 day highs and 101 new highs today.  Today was the second day of the decline (D-2).  The percentage of stocks that closed above their 10 week average declined to 68%.  All QQQQ and SPY indicators are negative.

I remain mostly in cash and am looking for possible shorts.  There is a story that when one of the Rothschild’s was asked why he was so successful, he replied that he always sold too soon.  I clearly sold GOOG too soon.  I sold not because of any technical weakness in GOOG, but because my market indicators turned down.  I don’t want to own any stocks when my general market indicators are weak.

I also went to cash because I will be away from the market and my computer for a few days.  It will be nice to take a few days off.  I will post again this weekend and wish you all a successful trading week.  It will be nice to have Alan G. and this quarter behind us.

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