The GMI remains at 6 and the GMI-S rose to 88, showing that almost all of my short term indicators for four indexes are now positive.  Gmi1004_2An extraordinary 96% of the Nasdaq 100 stocks rose on Wednesday, compared with 89% of the S&P500 stocks and 87% of the Dow 30.  87% of the IBD100 stocks from Monday also rose, and 14 hit new highs: BAMM,TWGP,NITE,WRLD,DRIV,AEOS,GYMB,CHL,SEIC,CNS,

ICLR,BEBE,PHLY,and MS).  Seven Nasdaq 100 stocks hit new highs: RIMM, INTU, CSCO, FISV, CDWC, AKAM, and CMCSA.  I am riding high with the QLD, a ProShares  ETF that moves twice as much as the QQQQ, which it mimics.  I am a also holding IAI, an ETF of U.S. brokerage stocks, a group that typically rises in bull markets when trading volume expands.  Why not own a piece of the casinos.  Other stocks that came alive today include RIMM, and finally GOOG, both of which I own.  Wednesday was the 33rd day of the current QQQQ up-trend.  I trade so much better when I follow the market and ignore the media pundits.

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