GMI: 6; All indexes in up-trends; Worden indicator near peak

The GMI remains at the maximum of 6.  Gmi0425 All indexes in this table are in up-trends.  According to the Worden indicator, 80.21% of all stocks closed above their 40 day averages.  Market tops have tended to occur in the 82-83% area.  Should we sell in May and go away? 

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2 thoughts on “GMI: 6; All indexes in up-trends; Worden indicator near peak”

  1. Worden Indicator –

    I have used the momentum figures on as a similar tool . # of stocks above 200,150,100,50,20 dma , listed daily .

    I have noticed coming out of the last correction in mid July 06 that the 200dma has maintained strength and is leading the other moving averages . I have not seen this before. (underlying strength ?)

    The lower moving averages on barcharts ind are always more volatile than the 150 and 200 . Good for short term predictions , imho .

  2. Hey Dr. Wish, I was wondering what’s stopping everyone from making lots of money shorting a stock that’s going to be delisted in a few days like DALRQ (Delta Airlines)? It seems like free money to me.

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