GMI: 6; But standing room only at the local traders meetup

While the GMI is still at 6, the local traders’ meet-up meeting was packed.  In prior meetings of the other local IBD meet-up, when the crowds came back, we were not far from a market top.  We had standing room  only last night. Contrary indicator?

Note disclaimers at bottom of prior post.

1 thought on “GMI: 6; But standing room only at the local traders meetup”

  1. I am back to reading your blog daily and sort of wonder why I strayed. Perhaps results would have been better had I not.

    It takes a while to sort through info overload and craft a style of your own. The strict “whack-a-mole” approach is not mine, I fear. I don’t have the temperment for it. (and my mental health professional forbids it to me) 🙂

    But your work is always a good barometer. Thank you for it.

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