GMI: 6; GMI-R: 10; but a lot of new lows, especially among apparel stocks

The GMI returned to 6 and the GMI-R to 10, both are maximum readings. The rise in these indexes was caused by an increase in new highs on Wednesday, to 178 out of the 4,000 stocks in my universe. I am somewhat concerned, however, by the rise in new lows to 131, the highest number since the August market decline.  I examined the new lows and found that the industry with the most new lows (10) was apparel stores.  Stocks like JWN, GYMB, DSW, PSS, CHS and FL all hit new lows and appear to be in steady down-trends.  These stocks may be forecasting some type of decline in consumer spending. I am looking forward to option expiration on Friday.

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