GMI: 6; GMI Revised; EDU – another one of Judy’s picks

The GMI is still at a maximum reading of 6, and the number of new highs in my universe of 4,000 stocks rose to 216 on Monday. Monday was the 32nd day in the current QQQQ short term up-trend. Gmi1015 Note that the Worden T2108 indicator has now declined to 67%, down from a high of 82% on October 5.  (Click on the table to enlarge.)

After much thought, I have revised the GMI by adding 4 new indicators, signified by an "*". The GMI-R  ranges from 0-10 and may provide a more sensitive measure of the trend of the general market.  For the time being, I will post the original GMI and the revised GMI-R in the table for the benefit of readers who use the original index…….

Weeks ago, my talented stock picking friend, Judy, urged me to buy EDU.  Her research indicated it was the "Kaplan" of China, helping the Chinese population to excel in prep-type exams to progress to higher educational levels . Edu She bought the stock in early July and August in the low to mid 50’s. Well, I told her Sunday night that I would not write about EDU then because earnings were expected Monday.  So, earnings came out and the stock shot up 12.56% on Monday in a sloppy market. (Click on chart to enlarge.)  I need to follow Judy’s advice much more often and post more of her picks.

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