2 thoughts on “GMI:1; GMI-R:1; Down-trend continues”

  1. curious as to when you will cover your short positions? will you wait til they hit an extreme on the negative side … or will you wait for the trend to reverse? Or are you using stops above you?

    this market is pretty oversold and could turn on a dime. I believe you follow the T2108, which I believe has touched levels recently that typically mark ends of corrections … so I would be surprised if this continues for too much longer.

  2. I’m 100% cash too.

    downtrend can last years… just like it did after the net bubble popped.

    after 4 years — everyone turned into a permabull — so that ‘surprise’ is what could create severe downside pressure as more bulls hold on and slowly capitulate… billions of borrowed dollars are in the market…. trillions really. It could take months to bottom out. The simplicity of following the trend means waiting until the turn. Why be early?

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