GMI-1; GMI-R: 3; RICK- a stock for a “bare” market?

The GMI is now 1 and the GMI-R is at 3. (Click on chart to enlarge.)  The lack of major movement in the market can be seen in the fact that there were only 12 new highs and 42 new lows  in my universe of 4,000 stocks on Friday. Gmi0328
A growth stock strategy of buying stocks at new highs will not work in an environment when only 12 stocks out of 4,000 can hit a new high in a day.  The QQQQ has remained below its 10 week average for most of the past 19 weeks, and the SPY, for 20 weeks.  I have learned that my strategy of buying rockets going to new highs works best when the averages are consistently above their 10 week averages.  While the QQQQ remains in the fourth day of its short term up-trend, this up-trend is in jeopardy.  The QQQQ is only.21 above my key support level.  If it fails to close above this level today, I will begin to close out my few long positions and go back to cash.  The SPY (S&P 500 ETF) and DIA (Dow 30 ETF) have already broken down.  My indicators get me out of declining markets fast.  This market could be getting ready to create a whole new leg down and I am a chicken.  The key is to conserve capital in order to be ready for the next real up-trend, which can last for months.  It is not a good time to be scared into the market by the pundits who say that we will miss the next rise.  A worthwhile rise will provide plenty of time to get aboard………

It has been said that during a recession, the sin (SAG?) stocks (Sex, Alcohol, Gambling) tend to buck a down-trend.  Human beings will probably give up their lattes long before they abandon these other vices.  So I was amused when my TC2007  scan of the market for winners identified RICK.  Rick runs upscale adult nightclubs for "businessmen and professionals" reminiscent of the old Playboy clubs. Rick

In addition to providing  adult entertainment, RICK also operates adult entertainment internet websites catering to people with, shall we say, diverse tastes. This daily chart of RICK (click on to enlarge) shows why I think it may be interesting to watch.  After doubling  in one month in December 2007, the stock consolidated and formed a nice downward trend.  Last Friday the trend line was broken on above average volume.  Some pundits have  suggested that Elliot Spitzer would have done much better to have invested his $80,000 in RICK, which rose as much as 30 fold since 2003.  If I decide to buy this stock during a possible recession, maybe I should visit one of Rick’s Cabarets and check out some of the company’s assets, and their bottom line…..


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