GMI: 4; GMI-R: 7; 11 IBD100 new highs

The GMI remains at 4 (of 6) and the GMI-R is at 7 (of 10).  There were 89 new highs and 100 new lows in my universe of 4,000 stocks on Friday.  Friday was the 34th day of the current QQQQ up-trend.  Eleven of the IBD100 stocks on the list published on 4/12/2008 hit a new high on Friday: NE,PDE,SID,ARD,TTES,SII,PCLN,SWN,GGB,PVA and FTI. While the market technicals weakened last week, the QQQQ up-trend remains intact, for now.  And options expire on Friday….

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