5th day of QQQQ short term up-trend; IBD100 new highs


The GMI is at 2 (of 6)   and the GMI-R is at 6 (of 10).   The QQQQ completed the 5th day of its short term up-trend.   This is a counter-trend rally, with the long term trend remaining down.   Still, this is a trade-able rally as long as it lasts.   There were more new highs than lows (11 vs 8)   in my universe of 4,000 stocks on Tuesday.   Amazingly, 7 of the 11 new highs are stocks that were on my IBD100 lists from the past year:   NFLX, GMCR, CPSI, TNDM, ROH, SGP and QSII. I own some of these, along with QLD.   There is no way to know how long this rally will last, but it is nice   to own a few rising stocks again.

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