30th day of QQQQ up-trend; T2108: 92%; riding the trend


The up-trend continues, now in its 30th day.   There were 26 new highs and 6 new lows in my universe of 4,000 stocks on Wednesday.   Fourteen of the 26 stocks were on my IBD100 lists:   CPSI, HANS, PTRY, CERN, BJRI, AAN, QSII, SHOO, JJSF, ICUI, JOSB, NTES, FIZZ and GMCR.   TSYS, a stock I have repeatedly mentioned, also hit another new high.   It’s time to ride the trend, not fight it.

2 thoughts on “30th day of QQQQ up-trend; T2108: 92%; riding the trend”

  1. Hi Dr. Wish, I was wondering if you were thinking of posting something on the length of trends. This trend has been going on for 30 days – how does that compare to historical lengths of trends? Is that above or below average in length for an uptrend? When it comes to your pension, you are only looking for trends that last many, many months, right? How rare are trends that last that long? I ask because it seems like there is more time to get fully invested in this market, but if I invest in it too slowly, I will miss out on a lot of the rise.

  2. Major up-trends last for years and there is plenty of time to get in and ride them. The key is to get out after an up-trend is over.

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