Investors Business Daily (IBD) Publishes Dr. Wish and Wishing Wealth Blog in their Monthly Newsletter IBDextra

Yesterday Dr. Wish was published in IBD’s IBDextra newsletter.   Some of you might enjoy reading a little more about the man behind the blog by visiting the article here:

IBDextra – Investor’s Business Daily Monthly Newsletter

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5 thoughts on “Investors Business Daily (IBD) Publishes Dr. Wish and Wishing Wealth Blog in their Monthly Newsletter IBDextra”

  1. Eric, How do you think the news below will affect ALGT in short and long term? Your thoughts? thanks….

    TEL AVIV (MarketWatch)5 May 09 — Allegiant Travel Co., the Las Vegas parent of Allegiant Air, said late on Tuesday that certain holders priced an offering of 2.3 million common shares at $50. Of the total, Par Investment Partners is offering 2.25 million shares and a company director, Timothy P. Flynn, is offering 50,000. In addition, the underwriters have an option on 345,000 more shares if demand requires. Maurice J. Gallagher Jr., Allegiant’s chairman, president and chief executive officer, is providing 100,000 shares and the company is providing 245,000 shares for that option. Morgan Stanley is… At MarketWatch

  2. I read the IBD article. Congratulations.

    In it, you said that after you started reading IBD your trading improved. And that you were able to stay out of market declines.

    1) What do you follow in IBD that keeps you out of market declines?
    2) Are there other indicators that help you stay out of declines?


  3. Just look at the GMI table I publish each Monday for a list of my indicators. Also look at my post on the construction of the GMI

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