23rd Day of QQQQ Short Term Down-trend; To hold stocks is insane


My account rose again on Monday as my positions in GLD and   short index ETF’s   gained.   Again, people have been misled down the buy and hold path, only to see their assets evaporate.   People just do not understand that it is fine to be out of the market during rough times.   Most have been scared into the market by the pundits who say that the market always comes back or that they might be hurt by missing the best market days if they are in cash. That is so much rubbish!   One can always renter the market after a new up-trend has begun.   Real up-trends last for months, if not years.   Monday was the 23rd day of the current short term down-trend.   During that time, the Nasdaq 100 index has declined 8% and 92% of its component stocks have declined.   In the same time period, 93% of the S&P500 stocks also declined. Why would anyone try to hold stocks during a down-trend, hoping that his/her stocks would rise?

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