Air pockets in 2 leaders on Tuesday; RWB rocket: HWK


AAPL and BIDU had large volume intraday declines but closed well off their lows.   Such “air pockets”   could be a sign of weakness to come. However, their daily and weekly up-trends remain intact for now.   Tuesday was the 16th day of the current QQQQ short term up-trend.   During this up-trend the QQQQ has gone up 8%, while the QQQQ ultra long ETF (QLD) has risen 17%. In the same time period, HWK has risen 18%. HWK is an RWB stock I have been following for quite a while. It has been on my   cumulative IBD100 list since August. I do not own it. (Click on weekly chart to enlarge.) RWB rocket patterns were explained in my Monday post.

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