Market holds through Fed and election; RWB stock: ALTR


It looks like the market has held nicely through the events this week that could have derailed it.   I am increasing my positions again.   Below is a weekly chart of ALTR, another RWB rocket stock at all-time highs.

3 thoughts on “Market holds through Fed and election; RWB stock: ALTR”

  1. Dr. Wish,

    Are you still largely investing in stocks or are you trying more of the leveraged ETFs (e.g., QLD)? After looking at several of the past uptrends I wonder if it is even worth the effort and risk of purchasing individual stocks. If you had purchased QLD around September 1st, when the uptrend began, you would be up around 48%. And if the leveraged ETFs are too volatile for some people, the QQQQ and SPY are up around 20% and 13% respectively. I know you have commented on this several times but am curious how you implement this in your trading.

    Also, have you ever ran a backtest on some of the ETFs using your GMI? I think the results would be very interesting to see.

    Thank you for your posts.

  2. Hey guys,

    I was one of Dr. Wishes students last year. I have discovered that buying at the money or deep in the money options has a better risk to reward ratio. I have invested 20,000 in Goog, Apple, and Bidu and have made 50% return just in this uptrend. The downfall, is if you dont understand how individual stocks behave, it may not work well.

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