IBD: follow-through day, market in up-trend


GMI is back to 4 (of 6) and the GMI2 is at 6 (of 6).   Wednesday’s action could turn my short term trend count positive. Meanwhile, AAPL showed some strength (+3%) on Tuesday, a good sign. Also, 7 of my 9 leaders rose.

2 thoughts on “IBD: follow-through day, market in up-trend”

  1. Dr. Wish, I noticed everytime you say your leaders rose… next day they come down, as they did on Wed. Perhaps you better not say it! LOL (BTW, I am in cash, after I doubled my money with AAPL and LULU since Jan).

  2. Jason, Note that in his last post he also mentioned that he was still in cash waiting to see how the the market handled itself. Just realize that everyone has a slighlty different opinion for the market based on rules that trade. Your rules can cause you to make a slightly variable opinion for me and/or Dr. Wish as all of us have different guidelines. Good Luck

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