Mainly in cash


I would not trust any bounce this week because it may only be end of quarter window-dressing by the mutual funds.   Given the continuing market correction and the uncertainty with regards to raising the debt limit, I transferred some of my university pension funds into money market funds today.   I normally wait for a definitive Stage 4 decline before exiting, but I am not willing to risk losing a lot of money now. If I am wrong, I will move back into mutual funds.   I remain in cash in my trading account with one little short position.

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  1. I have been following you for a long time via your website and TC 2000 knight submissions. Also your Webinars. I sometimes struggle with making entries on positions following your advice and methods that you use on your trading account. I remember a post a while back where you stated that you make as much money with the method you use for your University pension funds. I have been contemplating changing to using that method. It seems you sort of broke your own rules in selling some of your University Pension Funds. You state you got out due to the uncertainty of the debt limit. I am curious if there is anything else that you used in getting out or did you just sort of wing it and hope for the best. It seems it may be hard to get back in if you made a mistake. What strategy will you use in getting back in? Just trying to learn something.

  2. Sometimes it can be as simple as “can I sleep comfortably tonight?” with how one’s retirement funds are invested. If not, modify until you can sleep well.

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