GMI back to 0 (of 6); hedged and in cash


With the GMI at 0, I am totally hedged and in cash.   Another flat or down day will give me a second day with GMI less than 2, a major sell signal.   I did not wait for this confirmatory signal to lighten up, however, because with the GMI at 0, I am ready to get defensive.   I may start to transfer money in my university pension from mutual funds to money market funds.   I do not like the current market pattern.

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  1. I do not follow this blog every day . Though I am a strong believer in IBD’s investing philosophy . WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU WENT TO ALL MMF’s in your university pension ? I think you will be choosing wisely to do so . We’ll see what happens . A 4 day Santa Rally? FED QE 3 in early Jan. ? The banksters want their chumps back in the markets

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