7 thoughts on “38th day of QQQ short term up-trend; GLD resuming rise?”

  1. I bought INVN when it was $13.65/share as it was list IPO in IBD paper. It has gone up to $19. I am in it for the long run, and adding more shares on each dip. Happy to know that Judy is owns this one too.

  2. The PS Vita is an antiquated hand held system. Hand held systems haven’t actually had any popularity since the gameboy days (PS Vita did very poorly in Japan, Sony’s best and prime market). Securing wireless access through the carriers does absolutely nothing. Its retailing for the same price as a kindle which automatically puts the the PS Vita in competition with the Kindle because of perception.

    What may make INVN good now, will also limit it later. Motion sensors are not that critical of a part, and any sway in consumer sentiment would totally obliterate it. That said, they seem to be enjoying an excellent start and business with Nintendo definitely put them on the map, but like I said they have to secure something similar otherwise they are just another company making those parts.

    As per Gold, it does appear that precious metals may rise a little more, but there probably isn’t that much more room to run since it is a commodity and a lot of that rise was due to anticipated inflation because of the Quantitate Easing programs.

  3. MARK, not sure what you mean, but perhaps you should get an updated 3g version of your crystal ball ^_^. If you have reasoning or ideas to the contrary, I thought the purpose of a discussion board was to hear them, so I’d love to hear it.

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