4 thoughts on “42nd day of QQQ short term up-trend”

  1. Aapl shouldn’t be shorted. You need to be crazy to make such a move. What I could say us that the stock has run up for quite a while relentlessly. If I don’t see a pullback soon
    This rally on the stock
    Will be over. Which means we may reach
    Top. However time will only tell.

  2. The article is complete ignorance of Apple’s actual business and what you’re paying for by purchasing or holding a share. Good luck either way.

  3. Dr. Wish,

    I did a study back in June of 2011. Using the rules that when the GMI switches to 3 from 4 or above, market = bearish. If the GMI switches to 3 from 2 or below then the market = bullish.

    This created 62 total switch overs from April 2005 to June 2011.

    I then used backscanner in Stockfinder (Worden Software) to determine payout ratios on the individual stocks in the SP-500.

    Then I used a DI cross over on 10 day Directional Indicator and a 25 day Moving Avg Exit. I did not test shorter time frames but would combine them to make them longer. Other than that the time frames had equal weight.

    The payout ratio for Bullish time frames, was 1 to 3.7.
    The payout ratio for Bearish time frames, was 1 to 2.1.
    (Note bearish time frames may have been better if a daily weight had been used versus just switch over times.)
    I use your system to help me determine market direction and hedge my directional trades.

    Thanks for the system.

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