4th day of QQQ short term down-trend


A lot of leaders are breaking down.   This is a good time to be on the sidelines in cash in my trading accounts.

3 thoughts on “4th day of QQQ short term down-trend”

  1. THE PARADOX: If you sell a GOOD stock below a entry point with a loss. YOU already LOST money. Then the market turns around, and by the time you make a decision to buy that good stock again, you will end up paying MORE than the previous entry. You LOST more money. So, most times it’s good to stay put (not sell it at 8%) and a wait the correction to turn around on your good stock! Right?!

  2. Mark,

    How do you know it is not going to go down 50% or even 75% and not come back? There are no such things as good stocks. There are only stocks that are going up and stocks that are going down. There are always going to be whipsaws in trading. If you can’t stand the whipsaws, then don’t trade.

  3. Troy, your comment is very ignorant of the actual factors that determine how the market works and what Mark is actually communicating. Believe it or not, there are stocks that neither go up or go down. There is merit to what Mark is saying. But if you’re losing money on a “good stock” you should re-evaluate your process. Some parts that could use rework could be your criteria for choosing a “good stock” or it could be your criteria for a sell point for that security. However, Mark, Troy is correct in saying if you are abandoning your strategy blindly, there is no point to following it in the first place. On another note, I hope you sold out of INVN as I had suggested as I suggested it from a place of knowledge about the tech sector.

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