GMI: 5; Closed short position on GLD


The GMI turned to 5 and one more day could change the latest signal to a buy.   Meanwhile I closed my short position on GLD, as the metal strengthens.   GLD has now closed back above its 30 day average.

2 thoughts on “GMI: 5; Closed short position on GLD”

  1. That’s the PARADOX I mentioned a week ago. If you didn’t stick with your GOOD stock, but sold at 8% loss, and now want to buy the same stock, you will have to pay a HIGHER price than you sold it. The paradox is should you sell or keep a good stock when we have these market flutuations. Case in point is INVN, if you sold it now you may have to pay MORE for it. More than often I keept the stock. Any rebuttal?

  2. I did not use a stop loss on INVN and instead bought more when it dropped quite a bit and now I am pleased. Wish I had done that on AAPL also. I also hang on to many of the Blue chips and REITS that have a good dividend. However for new/small stocks that you don’t know much about or ETFs, especially 2x ETFs it seems best to have stop loss exits.

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