12th day of QQQ short term up-trend; ONVO—- a Judy’s pick in 3D bioprinting


A long time ago my stock buddy and excellent concept stock picker, Judy, told me about the exciting new technology of 3D printing.   At that time she talked about DDD and SSYS, which I have already written about. She recently told me about ONVO, which I could not resist buying. ONVO literally is the pioneer in 3D printing of human tissues!   ONVO closed around $4.28 and has started to come alive with higher trading volume (see daily chart below). It is not   listed on a major stock exchange. Judy owns it and I started buying some. I have no idea if this technology will succeed, but I want to hold a small position long term just in case it does.     Check out this article about this exciting, unbelievable new field. Science fiction turns into reality! ONVO is a highly speculative investment.   I have a small position and will slowly add more ONVO if it continues to rise. Thank you Judy, once again, for a new concept stock…..

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