3 thoughts on “21st day of QQQ short term up-trend”

  1. Dr. Wish
    First off I enjoy your blog very much.
    My comment/question:
    I’m surprised at the sudden leap in the market today after what appeared to be a weakening market.
    The market appeared overbought (according to your own indicators), and the number of stocks advancing declined sharply in the past few days.
    I was getting ready to try and take advantage of this today until I saw the futures this morning; I chose to sit out and see if initial indicator was a bluff–it wasn’t.
    I can’t believe the market shot up because the of employment news; It wasn’t that great. I seen the market advance on bad news and drop on good news so I know there is no rhyme or reason…
    My question: was there anyway to see this coming? Did you have a sense of the advance in your crystal ball? Thanks!

  2. Hey Vince don’t fret. This is a bluff. It’s only matter of time the markets will collapse. Many indicators are showing weakness although price is drifting up, such as macd, RSI, etc. patience needs to be excercised here.

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