GMI rebounds to 4; on sidelines


In some of the most volatile market swings I have ever seen, the market rebounded again on Wednesday. The new GMI Sell signal could be reversed with a strong day on Thursday.   Wednesday was the 5th day of the QQQ short term down-trend. IBD still sees market in correction. Best for me to be in cash for now.

3 thoughts on “GMI rebounds to 4; on sidelines”

  1. Hello Dr Wish,
    I appreciate your website and knowledge and moreso, your desire to share your wisdom and learnings. As a trend trader I also realise the value of the TREND and tide and I see what you have be trying to achieve with the GMI’s.
    My question comes from the angle that these indicators seem to whip saw about. The key question for a trend trader being is the retreat a correction or a change in trend.

    Are you suggesting that when you buy you completely go to cash at GMI <= 3 ( as per yesterday ?) and then back to BUY as per today ?
    It seems like there are many transactions and costs with a fast GMI .
    The other question is do you resume the purchases you had before being exited via the GMI's ?

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