19th day of QQQ short term up-trend; my latest TC2000 scan results


The GMI and GMI-2 are both at 6 (of 6).   If one had purchased QQQ just   before   the close of day one (U-1) of the current QQQ short term   up-trend on 3/4, one would have a +1.9% gain, with QLD +4.0% and with TQQQ +6.3%.   During the same period SPY advanced +2.5% and DIA +3.0%, outperforming the QQQ. It remains to be seen whether the tech stocks reflected in the QQQ will continue to underperform the large stocks in the DIA and SPY. With T2108 at 62%, the market does not appear to be extended in either direction.


The eleven stocks coming up this weekend in my TC2000 scan for technically strong stocks bouncing up off of support appear in the table below.   TREX, SWI and WHR are near green line tops. The stocks with blue flags appear in one of my watch-lists reflecting promising stocks discussed by IBD. This list is a good place for me to begin researching promising stocks for possible purchase–no guarantees!Scan0328

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