3rd day of QQQ short term up-trend; SILC–green line break-out


GMI remains at 6, while IBD still sees market in a correction.   SILC came up in my scan (see scan results below) and it turns out it is a recent green line break-out stock. I draw a   green line on a monthly stock   at an all-time high that has not been penetrated (or closed above) for three straight months. SILC is breaking its peak from 2007 and is at an all-time high.


This weekly chart shows a high volume break-out this week. Note that the volume of shares traded through Thursday has already surpassed the total   volume each of the prior 12 weeks. IBD rates this stock very highly. I need to research SILC for possible purchase.


Here is the current new high plus good recent earnings TC2000 scan results.   Please let me know if you want me to keep posting my scans. I want to know if anyone finds them useful. Comments are always appreciated.



12 thoughts on “3rd day of QQQ short term up-trend; SILC–green line break-out”

  1. I follow your thoughts and observations of the market every day. Your scan results are very informative to me. Maybe posting scan results say once a week would be more beneficial to your schedule as well as not confusing readers with too much information. As always, thank you for your generously sage advice in helping more people than you realize!

  2. Hi Dr Wish,
    fantastic site, I always look in to see where you are at.The internet has brough people with common interests close together no matter where they live . I am an example of this (australia).
    I have my own set of entry triggers and scans and although there is some over lap I find the site a great place . I am committed to be the best rocket hunter there is and to do that I must be open to new ideas and improvement .
    Lately , I have developed a flter that keeps me out of the bear markets crashes , something I never had developed properly in the past. Persistance hopefulyl will have paid off and I will email you if I get a crash alert trigger from my end which tells me to exit everything and not to enter until the coast is clear….

    You are always source of ideas and inspiration to keep pursuing my vision. Please keep up the great work !


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