All indicators positive; AAPL leads techs higher; new high scan yields 9 stocks


With AAPL gaining strength, the tech stocks, reflected in the Nasdaq ETF, QQQ, are gaining strength.   The Worden T2108 has rebounded to 68%, still in neutral territory.   Readings of T2108 above 80% can often mean an overbought and extended market.   The nine stocks that came up in my new high and good recent earnings scan Tuesday night are listed below. Six of them have blue flags to the left, indicating I placed them in a watch list because IBD had listed them as potentially strong stocks. All but UTHR and CVH have broken through a green line top and are in their top box.   UTHR would need to close around 71 to trade above its all-time high last reached in March, 2011. Contrary to what most people think, a stock that breaks an all time high level that has persisted for months (a green line top) are often on their way to a series of new highs. Green line break-outs tend to mark the beginning of an advance, rather than the end.   When a green line break-out fails, it can be   a major sign of weakness and a top.


3 thoughts on “All indicators positive; AAPL leads techs higher; new high scan yields 9 stocks”

  1. Thank you!
    Is it OK to hold the TQQQ for a longer period? (assuming the markets trending up)
    I keep reading that it’s for day trading mostly, due to tracking errors.

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