New high scan detects 24 stocks.


24 stocks came up in my new high and good recent earnings TC2000 scan.   They are listed below, sorted by blue flag.   A blue flag on the left side indicates the stock was mentioned by IBD at some point. Click on list to enlarge.


2 thoughts on “New high scan detects 24 stocks.”

  1. Thanks for your great blog. I was curious on your strategies for further researching stocks that come up in your scans. Do you check each one to see if it’s a Green Line stock? An RWB? Any other steps? Also, in the past you’ve said it you would be better just trading the TQQQ etf. Are you still finding this true or are Green Line stocks outperforming it?

  2. First thing I do is check to see if it is a green line stock on a monthly chart. I then look at the weekly,daily and hourly patterns. I also see if it has been on the IBD 50 list. It still is easier and more diversified to trade the leveraged index ETF. Only recently has the QQQ started to move as AAPL strengthened.

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