GMI Signals Sell


I am sorry but I lost all of my post and am too tired to re-create it now.   Maybe tomorrow.   Just know that the short term trend count is now at D-8 and I am getting out of my long positions in my trading accounts.   I remain invested in my university pension mutual funds which I cannot trade often.   Longer term trend remains up.


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  1. Thanks for all the information you put out and everything you do Dr. Wish. I have learned so much including how important it is to think for yourself. One thing I would like clarification on if you will is the length of the current downtrend. I know the GMI signals a sell based on it being less than 4 for two days straight, but can you talk a little more about how you determined the downtrend starting and it currently being on the eight day?

    Thanks again for your hard work – it is greatly appreciated!

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