14th day of QQQ short term down-trend, but GMI= 4


Another day with the GMI above 3 would cause me to issue a Buy signal. Let’s see what Tuesday brings.

2 thoughts on “14th day of QQQ short term down-trend, but GMI= 4”

  1. I am losing my confidence in IBD, which missed the market direction in the last 3 times they published its direction change. They were late in announcing the last downtrend. Now by the time they write “market in uptrend” it will be time to sell. So, if we do the opposite to what they say, we could do well in the market. BTW, I have held my INVN shares for months, which I bought long ago at $9.75 per share — almost 100% profit and will sell when it doubles my entry price.

  2. I agree mark I’m starting to loose confidence in ibd as well. But in their defense, they provide good stocks for my watch list. As far as trend direction goes, I have learned that you need to find a few good indicators that can give you warning signals besides price and volume. I use macd, RSI, stoichastic. But I use them in an unconventional way however.

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