5th day of QQQ short term up-trend; next post on 7/22


I tend to trust short term trend changes after they reach the fifth day.   They tend to last longer once they reach this milestone. With the GMI at 6 and the short and longer trends up, I hope you will not mind that I have to take another break.   I am leaving the country to make a speech on my career in drug abuse policy.   I will post again on 7/22. I closed out all of my positions or hedged them with put options so I do not have to concentrate on them while I am away.   If I have wi-fi and see something important in the market I will try to post.   Have a great week!

Check out this great weekly chart of the QQQ–a terrific Stage 2 up-trend! The red and green arrows show GMI buy and sell signals. Click on chart to enlarge.



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