Insider trading in AAPL? AAPL back in Stage 2 Up-trend; TQQQ up almost 19% since last GMI buy signal


I was planning to write that, for the first time since last October, AAPL appear to be back in a Stage 2 up-trend.   Last week AAPL closed above its critical 30 week average.   A fully developed Stage 2 requires a rising 30 week average (red line in chart).   AAPL’s is still declining, but it is time to watch for   it to curve up.   If one exited AAPL last October when the stock closed below its 30 week average, one would have gotten out at around $600.   I would begin buying AAPL as long as it closes above its 30 week average (red line).   Most of the hype about AAPL is over and probably so is most of the selling.   It is appropriate that AAPL would start rising just as everyone has given up on it. This weekly chart of AAPL shows where AAPL failed a green line break-out last October and then found support near its prior green line top. AAPL will probably find resistance back around its last green line top near $650.


Until I saw this weekend’s announcement about the Obama administration’s decision to protect AAPL’s right to sell   products banned by the ITC decision, the above is all I would have written about AAPL.   However, I examined the one minute chart of AAPL from Friday and found an enormous amount of buying occurring in the last two minutes of the day.   The SEC might want to examine whether someone who learned of   the imminent decision used   inside information   to buy AAPL late Friday. Or maybe it was just someone’s lucky trade!? Anyone who bought late Friday may profit handsomely   if AAPL pops on Monday morning. Check out the minute by minute chart below and come to your own conclusions. (Click on chart to enlarge.) If you buy on Monday these hypothetical insiders may be selling to you!


The GMI remains at the maximum 6 (of 6).   Oh that I had the discipline to stay invested in TQQQ since the last GMI Buy signal on July 5.   If I had bought TQQQ at the close on July 5, my account would be up 18.9%, compared to the QQQ, +6% and the SPY, +4.9%.   Maybe one of my readers did this well? Please let me know.



Below is the daily chart of TQQQ, with a green arrow showing the GMI Buy signal.




4 thoughts on “Insider trading in AAPL? AAPL back in Stage 2 Up-trend; TQQQ up almost 19% since last GMI buy signal”

  1. I, in fact, followed the signal (albeit with a little fading in). Needless to say, I’m happy that I did and very grateful.

    BTW, if one had invested in XIV at the time, their account would be up 31.9%.

  2. I started a pilot position in the TQQQ on July 8 after following your GMI buy signal. Even being late in my entry the position is up a very nice 18.4%. The most difficult part of learning your approach is trusting the GMI buy and sell signals.

    Thank you.

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