Market still on support


Another down day in   the QQQ on Thursday could trigger a new QQQ short term down-trend. This is a good time for me to be mainly in cash and on the sidelines. In down markets it is much easier to see the winners. Only 9 stocks with good recent earnings came up in my new high scan:   NFLX, LL, MANH, JAZZ, GMCR, ATRO, LGF, PFPT, DWA. It is not a good idea to buy new highs now, however.   Few stocks in this market can make a series of new highs.

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  1. Dr. Wish and Judy, what about INVN and DDD?? Both keep going up despite the market and IBD’s “Mkt in correction”. We don’t buy the market, we buy individual stocks! My entry in INVN was $10.50 and Judy also owns this stock. My money is almost doubled, and I plan to sell at $22. Cheers!!

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