5th day of QQQ short term up-trend; Green line break-outs: CAH, HCA; some health care related ETF’s


All of my indicators are positive. I am finding a lot of green line break-outs, including CAH which on this monthly chart just broke through an all-time high that has held for 12 years.

CAHgreenlineAnd this daily chart of HCA shows how it has climbed higher after consolidating post green line break-out.

HCA10182013Both are in health care, which may be benefiting from the new Affordable Care Act. (I have positions in both stocks.) Another way of riding this trend may be the 3X leveraged health care ETF, CURE, also at an all-time high, as this monthly chart shows. 3X leveraged ETF’s are very volatile, they can fall and rise quickly.


XHE and XLV   are   health care related nonleveraged ETF’s that are at all-time highs. Monthly charts appear below.



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